About Barbara Shumannfang

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

Barbara Shumannfang, PhD (she/her) has been meditating in the Insight Meditation tradition since 2000. She is an experienced teacher and author, having enjoyed time in the fields of German cultural studies and professional dog training. Barbara is certified to teach mindfulness by Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach and the Center for Greater Good at UC Berkeley. She is honored to share mindfulness and compassion practices, developed in South Asia and Southeast Asia beginning 2600 years ago, with anyone wishing to awaken their natural capacity for ease and steadiness in the midst of life. 


“In teaching it is important to me that people feel welcome. After all, we are part of nature. We belong. We help each other remember our own wise hearts. I try to be curious and responsive about how my identities show up in my teaching and practice. Paying attention with kindness helps me in all things.” 

~Barbara Shumannfang

Breathing with Barbara

Mindfulness & Compassion For All

Why Mindfulness?

It can help with


Toward ourselves and others. Compassion for our own suffering, that of others, and of the planet. 

Inner steadiness

In the midst of life, with its joy, delight, sorrow, fear and grief. To experience emotions without being overwhelmed. To engage from groundedness.


Connecting with an open heart. Holding the possibility of our own goodness and that of others.

Clear thinking

For living in alignment with our values. For making choices, setting limits, and living with dignity. For seeing things as they are.


Not to zone out or keep quiet, but to be able to listen within for what is needed.


That we are here now, and how we relate to our experience is what makes all the difference. What matters most?


"I feel changed for the better."

— From Introduction to Mindfulness evaluation form


Now you can offer mindfulness training to your group, staff, board, volunteers, or the communities you serve. Choose from the topics below. Formats available: multi-week course, half-day or daylong workshop, or midday enrichment sessions.


Available via Zoom or outdoors.


Classes feature a friendly approach, optional gentle movement, Q&A, practical applications, and encouragement to trust our own inner wisdom. Sitting in a special posture, clearing the mind of thoughts, and focussing on breathing are not required.

Coming December 4th  Mindfulness Outing at Triangle Land Conservancy. Registration link.